Migrant/Asylum Seeker Support - Basingstoke/Hampshire

Hampshire EMTAS can:

  • provide detailed guidance on asylum seeker/refugee issues including admission to schools/colleges, teaching and learning, pastoral advice, resources, useful contacts
  • provide a bilingual assistant to translate or interpret
  • conduct an initial assessment, including writing a Profile Report detailing the pupil's previous education and current achievement levels to enable early and correct placement
  • provide advice on appropriate teaching strategies
  • provide advice on the best course of action regarding GCSE choices/other courses when admitting pupils into Year 10 or Year 11
  • provide in-class support for the child/young person
  • provide training for school staff
  • loan the school resources such as bilingual dictionaries, bilingual storybooks for primary aged children and ICT resources such as Talking Pens

More information

Boloh, Barnardo's Helpline

Are you an adult asylum seeker or a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic parent or carer?

Would you like support with looking after a child with respiratory infection or are you waiting on a decision about your asylum claim?

If so, Boloh is here to provide you with high quality advice, information and emotional and therapeutic support.

Boloh Helpline offers advice, signposting, emotional support and free therapy to adult asylum seekers UK Wide.

Find out more about the support they can offer.

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