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Last update: 01.12.2023

Common Health Problems

Exciting new content has been created to address common health problems in children. This dedicated section covers a range of issues, including recurrent abdominal pain, chronic fatigue, headaches, nosebleeds, and food allergies. Developed with a focus on providing valuable information and guidance, these resources aim to empower parents and caregivers to better understand and manage these common childhood health concerns. By offering practical advice and insights, this content supports the well-being of children and helps parents navigate these challenges with confidence and knowledge. For more conditions, click here.

Neurodiversity Content

Exciting new content has been created to promote neurodiversity in collaboration with Hampshire CAMHS and other Healthier Together sites. This comprehensive resource addresses ADHD and Autism across all age groups, offering valuable information and support for individuals and their families. Additionally, the content includes resources on Dyslexia, aiming to raise awareness and provide strategies for better understanding and managing these neurodiverse conditions. By fostering understanding, acceptance, and access to resources, this initiative seeks to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals of all ages with neurodivergent traits. For more information, click here.

Long term medical conditions

New content has been developed specifically for parents of children with long-term medical conditions such as asthma, eczema, diabetes, and epilepsy. This valuable resource offers guidance, support, and information to help parents better understand and manage their child's condition. It covers topics ranging from treatment options and symptom management to tips for improving their child's quality of life. By addressing the unique challenges faced by parents in caring for children with these conditions, this new content aims to empower them with knowledge and resources to provide the best possible care and support for their children's health and well-being.  For more information on different conditions, click here.

Penicillin Allergy Labelling for Professionals

A new resource has been developed to provide professionals with essential information on penicillin allergy labelling in children. This content is designed to equip healthcare providers with the latest insights and guidelines for accurately assessing and managing penicillin allergies in paediatric patients. It addresses the importance of differentiating between true allergies and other adverse reactions to penicillin, as well as the implications of mislabelling. By offering evidence-based recommendations and best practices, this resource aims to improve the safe and appropriate use of antibiotics in children, ensuring that they receive the most effective treatment while minimizing unnecessary restrictions due to inaccurate allergy labeling.

Chronic Condition Functional Therapy Resources

Exciting new resources have been created to address chronic conditions, including functional abdominal pain, headache, constipation, and chronic fatigue. Developed in collaboration with Frimley Healthier Together, these resources offer valuable insights and therapeutic strategies for individuals living with these persistent health challenges. These materials aim to enhance the understanding of these conditions and provide practical tools for managing symptoms and improving overall quality of life. By fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals and patients, these resources empower individuals to take an active role in their health and well-being, ultimately promoting better outcomes and a healthier future. For more information, click here.

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