Responsive Breastfeeding

Responsive breastfeeding involves recognising and responding to your baby’s feeding cues, as well as your own desire to feed your baby. It is important to remember that feeds are not just for nutrition, they also provide your baby with protection, love, comfort, and reassurance. This means you may offer your breast to your baby when they display feeding cues or when they are unwell, or if they appear distressed or lonely. 


For more information on feeding cues, please visit: Babies under 3 months- Infant feeding in the first 6 months - Feeding cues 

Responsive breastfeeding also involves feeding your baby to meet your own needs. For example, you may wish to offer your baby a feed before you have a shower or a nap, or if you want to sit down, rest and have a cuddle with your baby, or if your breasts feel full.

The timing and length of feeds will vary, depending on the reason for the feed. 

It is important to remember that you cannot spoil your baby by breastfeeding them too much.

For more information on responsive breastfeeding, please watch Solent NHS Trust’s short video on responsive feeding:

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