Have my waters broken?

Have my waters have gone under 20 weeks

It is very rare for your waters to break under 20 weeks. 

If you feel an unusual dampness in your pants, what else could it be?

  • Women often get an increased vaginal discharge when pregnant called “leucorrhoea”. This can collect in the vagina whilst sat down or asleep and you may notice it once you have stood up.

  • Growing pressure on your bladder can cause be a bit of wee to leak.

  • If you notice a vaginal discharge following a bath, it is often a collection of bath water rather than your baby’s waters.

If unsure put a maternity sanitary pad on to monitor it.

Contact your GP surgery (NHS111 out of hours) if have any of the following. On the IOW contact your maternity unit.

  • Your vaginal loss is smelly.

  • If your sanitary pad is wet/ heavy after 4 hours.

If you are noticing some loss from your vagina wear a maternity sanitary pad.

  • If your sanitary pad is dry and you have no further vaginal loss after 4 hours it is very unlikely your waters have broken. Please continue to keep an eye on your sanitary pad and contact your GP surgery if there are any changes.

Self care

Contact your GP surgery if you are still worried. On the IOW contact your maternity unit.


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