Money worries

It is common for people to be worried about money and their finances. This can be a source of stress and anxiety. At some point we can all do with help and advice.

This page has some hints and tips on managing your money. There are links to places you can find support and advice.

These include budget planning and debt advice, household bills, shopping, food banks, baby banks, school uniform exchanges, and support during school holidays.

You may also be entitled to free welfare benefits - click here for a confidential benefits calculator to find out what benefits you are entitled to claim.

Talking about money

It is important to have conversations with your partner, children and friends about money. MoneyHelper’s Talk Money series can help have those difficult conversations. It also has advice on teaching your children and teenagers about money.

Budget planning and Debt advice

Household bills

Many people are already taking measures to reduce their bills at home.

Our keeping your home warm page has tips on reducing energy use and information on how you can get help.

Citizens advice has information on grants and benefits to help you pay for your energy bills. 

MoneyHelper has information on what to do if you are worried about your energy bills rising.

There are simple ways to save water at home. You can also see if it would be cheaper to have a water meter using this calculator.

MoneySavingExpert website has guides and tools to help you get the best deal on your household bills.

Running a car is another large household expense. MoneyHelper has guidance on buying and running a care.

There are guides on buying car insurance.

Compare fuel prices in your area with this app.


There are tips available to try to reduce the cost of your supermarket shop from money saving expert and the video below. 

Supermarket shopping comparison app could help.

The too good to go scheme allows you to buy food at cheaper prices before it goes to waste.

Local food banks

Food banks provide free emergency supplies of food. To visit a food bank you may need to contact Citizen's advice, local children's centre or your Health visitor for a foodbank voucher. Click here for details about your local food bank.


School Uniform Exchanges

Take a look at the Uniformd app for purchasing second hand school uniforms at low cost.

The Uniform Share Store in Portsmouth helps families across the city by getting children and young people kitted out in their school uniform

Baby banks

These provide items for babies. You may need to ask your midwife or health visitor for a referral to the baby bank.

Second hand items

You may have items which you can sell online this video shows you how.

Support during School Holidays

There is support for children who have free school meals during the school holidays:

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