Why should you get vaccinated against whooping cough?

  • The number of young babies dying of whooping cough is increasing.
  • The babies that die are often too young to be vaccinated.
  • The only way to protect your baby is to get yourself vaccinated during pregnancy, ideally between week 16 and week 32. That way, your baby receives protective antibodies from you that cross the placenta and protect them for the first few months of their life.

Is the whooping cough vaccine safe in pregnancy?

Since being routinely introduced in 2012, data from 20,000 women who have received the vaccine during pregnancy show that there is no evidence of an increase in the risk of birth defects or stillbirths.

Does the whooping cough vaccine work in pregnancy?

Babies born to women vaccinated against whooping cough in pregnancy have a 90% reduced risk of developing severe whooping cough compared to babies born to unvaccinated mothers.

The whooping cough vaccine is available all year round. Please ask your midwife for more information or book yourself into your GP practice to be vaccinated.

For more information about the whooping cough vaccine

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