Testicular pain and lumps

Testicular (balls) Torsion (twisting)

The information on these pages is used with permission from Testicular Health (testicularhealth.info) where you can find this and lots more information about testicular health.

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What you need to know about testicular(balls) torsion (twisting)

testicular-torsion-painful-poster.pngTesticular torsion is the painful twisting of the testicle (ball). The twist cuts off the blood supply of the testicle.

6-hours-alarm-clock.pngThis is an emergency. If left for more than 6 hours the testicle will die.

​​​​​​​newborn-babies-11-18-year-olds.pngMost common in new born babies and 11 to 18 year olds however, testicular torsion affects 1 in 800 men, and it can happen at any age.

Testicular pain can be caused by testicular torsion which is a medical emergency. The more people know, the more balls can be saved!


Testicular torsion usually presents itself with pain around your ball. The pain is usually strong and severe and it may seem to move into your lower abdomen or groin. It might make you want to vomit and it may even hurt when you are resting.


The_letter_S.pngtrong ongoing ball pain?     The_letter_A.pngbdomen (tummy) pains?      The_letter_V.pngomiting or nausea?               The_letter_E.pngven aching during rest?

If you notice any of these symptoms, take action and arrange to see your doctor It could SAVE your ball!


If you feel pain, don't panic! It may not be torsion, but to be safe, read below and take the appropriate course of action!

If you have testicular pain and any of the other symptoms and the pain is severe

  • tell a responsible adult and
  • go to the emergency department

If however the pain in your testicle is not that severe 

  • tell a responsible adult and
  • make a note of the time
  • if the pain is still there in an hour go to the Emergency Department

If the pain goes away within the hour and was severe or worrying

  • make an appointment to see your family doctor

Visit Testicular Torsion (testicularhealth.info) for more information.

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