Children in care

There are lots of young people that don’t live with their birth parents. For many reasons, they live with other people, whether that’s other family members, friends, a foster family, an adoptive family or they live in a children’s home/ residential placement.

Whatever the circumstances that means a young person lives with someone other than their birth parents, this can be a big adjustment to get your head around or even just cope with all the changes this brings.

There are also some young people who have many changes in terms of where they live and who looks after them. As people cope and manage with situations differently, people will experience situations differently and will cope differently. There is no right or wrong way to feel or respond.

If you’re a child in care, it can be really hard to know who you can turn to or what support there is if you have questions, worries or concerns. We’ve tried to get as many useful resources on different aspects of life as a young person in care that might be helpful.

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