Hot weather and feeding your baby

During hot weather, it is important to keep your baby cool. You can do this by dressing them in light clothes and keeping them in the shade.

Breastfed babies
(0 to 6 months)

  • No extra water is needed for exclusively breastfed babies until solids are introduced.
  • During hot weather, your baby will breastfeed more often. These feeds may be shorter and more frequent. Check your baby is staying hydrated by counting the number of wet and dirty nappies they produce.

Formula fed babies
(0 to 6 months)


  • Formula fed babies may need small amounts of extra water during hot weather. There is no specific guidance on how much extra water. If needed, give a small amount in between milk feeds.
  • Tap water is not sterile, it needs to be boiled and cooled first.
  • Bottled water may not be appropriate due to high salt (sodium) and sulphate leves
  •  Filtered water can be given to babies under 6 months, but still needs to be boiled and cooled first.

All babies (6 to 12 months)


  •  Water can be given from an open cup or beaker at mealtimes from 6 months.
  • Tap water can be given without being boiled first. 


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