Download the Healthier Together app

The NHS Healthier Together app has been designed to allow you to access care for your child much more easily. If your child is unwell and needs to be seen by a healthcare professional, instead of having to call your GP surgery, your surgery may offer you the option to use the app to directly inform them about your child’s symptoms. They will then contact you to decide what needs to be done. And if you are seeking help when your GP surgery is shut, it will direct you to NHS 111. Lots of other parents have already downloaded it and have found it extremely useful.

In addition, if you are pregnant and live in Southampton, Hampshire, Portsmouth or the Isle of Wight, you can simply download the Healthier Together app and create your pregnancy profile. If you have a worry, then click the appropriate information page to help you assess your symptoms. You will be directed to the right health professional at the right time- or be given advice about managing at home saving you a trip to the hospital. And once you have your baby, you can create a profile for your child!


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